Florence attorney disbarred after federal conviction

Florence attorney William Rivers, III was disbarred last month by the South Carolina Supreme Court after his federal conviction in May of Mail Fraud in a scheme to defraud or obtain money by false and fraudulent representations.

Court documents say Rivers violated rules for lawyer discplinary enforcement.

Rivers is serving a five year federal prison term.

Rivers and his late partner failed to tell clients when their cases had been settled and failed to pay the clients' medical providers, but instead forged clients' signatures on releases and kept all of the money received in the clients' settlements between October 2006 and November 2012.

Court documents say Rivers shall not apply for readmission until he's completed all terms and conditions of his criminal sentence, including payment of fines and restitution, has reimbursed the Lawyers Fund for all expenditures made on claims filed against him or partner, and has made restitution to his clients and partner's clients who filed approved claims with the Lawyers' Fund, but were not fully reimbursed for their losses.