Flooded homeowners concerned about weekend rain

Flooding at Pitch Landing Sunday

It's been more than two weeks and some homeowners along the Waccamaw River are still dealing with flooded property.

Sunday's rain is causing even more anxiety for those in parts of Horry County.

The rain came down hard Sunday afternoon in the Pitch Landing area and some homeowners explained that they're just hoping it doesn't continue.

As of Sunday morning, the Waccamaw River was at 12.5 feet, a foot and a half higher than flood stage for the Lee's Landing and Pitch Landing areas.

Some homeowners with smaller cars in the Pitch Landing area said they had to leave because they couldn't get to and from their homes.

Homeowner John Doyle said in the five years he's been living in the area, he's never experienced this kind of flooding.

"It got so deep here. People with little cars, they can't get in or out, I mean there is no way. It goes up and down and right here where I'm sitting right now it's real deep," he explained.

Doyle said that he really started noticing the water receding on Wednesday but since then the rain seems to have brought flood levels up again.

National Weather Service forecasters predict that the river will continue to fall another two inches by Monday morning.