Flights cancelled out of MYR

Make sure to check your flight if you are traveling out of Myrtle Beach International Airport on Wednesday, as most departing flights are cancelled.

MYR is reporting these cancellations:

Spirit Flight 300 to New York - 9:13 AM

U.S. Airways Flight 2869 to Charlotte - 9:25 AM

American Airlines Flight 5488 to Charlotte -9:25 AM

Delta Flight 4888 to Atlanta -10:39 AM

AirFrance Flight 5825 to Atlanta -10:39 AM

Alitalia Flight 3522 to Atlanta -10:39 AM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight 5204 to Atlanta - 10:39 AM

U.S. Airways Flight 2800 to Charlotte - 11:13 AM

American Airlines Flight 5408 to Charlotte is -11:13 AM

Two arriving flights have also been cancelled.

Delta Flight 4888 was scheduled to arrive at MYR at 10:14 a.m. from Atlanta.

U.S. Airways Flight 2792 was supposed to arrive at MYR at 10:43 a.m. from Charlotte.

Check your flight out of MYR here.