Five year old girl shot and killed in Darlington County

The home where the Sha' Diamond Graham was shot

Darlington County Coroner Todd Hardee says Sha' Diamond Graham, 5, was shot and killed at a home at the corner of Dunn and McFarland Streets in east Hartsville Sunday night.

He says the child's caretaker called 911 shortly after the shooting, which happened at the caretaker's home around 7 p.m.

Coroner Hardee says the child was playing with the gun when it fired.

Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd says there was an adult and three young boys, all under 10, in the home when the shooting happened.

Sheriff Byrd says they're still investigating and are talking with everyone in the home to learn more details.

The child's relatives say her death is agonizing.

"I didn't want to believe it. It was hard to believe. Just knowing that Smurf was gone because I called her my Smurfette. It's just hard," said Loretta Harris, Child's Aunt.

Sha'Diamond was also affectionately nicknamed Holla Box and Cookie Monster. Her older sister says she meant the world to their entire family.

"That was my little sister and she was like my best friend. Whenever I was down or I was going through something she'll come and talk to me like she was my age - like she understood. And she would always try to cheer me up. She was like, it's ok, it's ok. I get dressed she'll be standing there telling me you look nice where you going. I like your hair, I like your nails. She adored me, yes, and I'm going to miss my baby. I'm going to really miss my Diamond," said Cameka Graham.

The relatives say the night Sha'Diamond was killed she asked for someone to bring her a red rose. She got it just hours before she was killed.

"She asked a friend, she said, 'Are you going to buy me a red rose?'," Harris explained,. "And she said, You'll bring me a red rose, and she said, what, do you know about a rose and she said are you going to come and see me tomorrow, and she said yes. She said bring my flower with me. And when that friend came yesterday she had that rose that she was bring for Sha'Diamond. She just wanted a rose."

Funeral arrangements are expected to be complete by Tuesday.

At this time, no charges have been filed.

The State Law Enforcement Division is assisting in this investigation, which is routine in child deaths.