Fishing Tournament reels in big crowds for Georgetown economy

The Insure Fishing Association Redfish Tour brought 120 anglers to Georgetown on Saturday.

This is the second of three fishing tournaments over a 14 month period in Georgetown.

The first was April 25 and 26 at the Carroll Ashmore Campbell Marine Complex.

On Saturday, teams of two hit the water to try and catch the heaviest redfish.

"You are nervous because you keep looking over your shoulder and you think the next guys got one bigger than yours. So you are nervous until its over with," said Glenn Finley, who placed 3rd in the competition.

60 teams spent the day using their own techniques to catch the big one.

Bobbie Allen, who won 1st place with her husband says patience is the key to win.

Her husband Stand adds it's also because they love the sport.

"You gotta love to fish. We both love to fish. Its just a fun time. We make our family vacations out of it," said Stan.

Georgetown County is the biggest winner of all because of the economic impact the tournament has on the area.

Some anglers at Saturday's tournament say they spend at least $1,000 in just a few days.

"For the time that they are here Georgetown county is in the spotlight and we think that's a wonderful thing. We love Georgetown county we want everybody else to see how great it is," said Jackie Broach, the spokesperson for Georgetown County.

A kayak tournament is scheduled for Sunday at the complex.

The third tournament, the weeklong B.A.S.S. Nation Southern Divisional Championship, will be held April 19-25 of next year.