First day of school: Let the learning begin

Summer vacation is officially over for thousands of students across the Grand Strand.

Wednesday marked the first day of school in Horry and Georgetown counties and it was especially exciting for River Oaks Elementary, Horry County's newest school.

April Dawson brought her two little ones to River Oaks. For her youngest child, it's his first school day ever.

"He's super excited, can't wait to go to big boys' school," Dawson said.

April is almost as energized as her kids.

"You've had the summer with them, to spend time and play and now we've got to get back in the school routine. Their excitement, I feed off of that as well."

Some of the excitement at this school comes from new technology. River Oaks students get laptops and iPads to help them do their assignments.

"I think it's pretty cool because you could do a lot of work on it and I think it's gonna be really fun," said 5th Grader Alexia Rymph.

But those high-tech tools may also create a learning curve for the kids and their teachers.

"Matter of fact, I asked for white boards for my class and they said, 'We're not doing white boards, you're gonna have to catch up with technology and we're going laptops'," said 4th grade teacher Stacy Clayworth.

On day one, the lesson plan included having the kids learn about seven good leadership habits and being part of a green community, but much of the day was devoted to just finding out where to go and what to do.

"It's a lot about procedures, rules, we take a tour of the school, especially with it being brand new, that's very important for the first day," said 1st grade teacher Rachel Gaynor.

Math, social studies and all the other school subjects will come in time. Day one of the school year gets everybody back into a learning groove.

"You just get done with summer and you want to like move on. It's just so exciting," said 9-year-old Benson Case, a 4th grader at River Oaks.

Exciting is a word you hear it a lot in a brand new school like River Oaks, on the very first day of the year.

"I'm pretty excited, the school's very nice. She's excited," said parent Karry Stevens, about her daughter, Allison Reneee Buckner, who's enrolled in Kindergarten this year.

Police advise drivers to watch for more cars and school buses on the roads, now that school is open. For more on times and locations of school zones in Myrtle Beach, click here.