Firing of former Coast RTA CEO questioned during meeting

A Coast RTA board meeting

The Coast RTA Board met Wednesday for the first time since firing Myers Rollins as CEO and some questioned that decision and the manner in which it was conducted.

"We fired Rollins unprofessionally," said Board Member Ivory Wilson.

Wilson also accused other board members of holding a secret meeting to vote Rollins out and intentionally excluding him.

Abdullah Mustafa, President of the Conway NAACP, spoke during the meeting and said the firing of Rollins was racial discrimination and asked what more Rollins could have done.

Board chairman Bernard Silverman said race was not a factor in Rollins termination.

Silverman told WPDE NewsChannel 15, "(Rollin's) termination was because we needed new leadership in the Coast RTA and I don't think it was race. We knew Mr. Rollins race for the last 10 years. It wasn't racial all those years and I don't think it had anything to do with race."

He admitted that he called board members to discuss the vote on Rollins in order to rally support, and to not calling Ivory.

But he said he did not break any laws by doing that.

The Board did not make any decisions regarding staff or route changes.