Firefighters save dog that nearly choked to death

Courtesy of Captain Anthony Fox of the West Florence Fire Department

Firefighters with West Florence Fire Department rescued a dog Wednesday after it nearly choked to death while stuck between metal bars inside a home on Tanager Drive in Florence, according to Captain Anthony Fox with West Florence Fire Department.

The dog's owner called 911 Wednesday around 2:45 p.m. asking for help for a dog trapped in a set of bars.

Firefighters found the dog with its head stuck between two bars and was choking, according to Fox.

It took firefighters about 10 minutes to free the dog without it getting hurt or causing any damage to the home, Fox said.

He added the metal bars inside the home were the kind that can be screwed into a wall to keep a pet from going into a certain part of the home.

Fox said the dog's owner was very happy that they were able to get to her dog out in time and save his life.