Fired police chief is the talk of the town

Residents from the Town of Latta got to have their voices heard and ask questions after the mayor fired their police chief, Crystal Moore, on April 15th.

Tuesday night, about 60 people showed up at a meeting called by Latta Town Council to support the fired police chief. Council members spoke about the firing of the police chief and allowed residents to get up and speak and ask questions.

Moore has said she believes she was fired because she's an openly-gay woman.

However, Mayor Earl Bullard denied that claim in an exclusive interview with WPDE NewsChannel 15. He says he cannot say why Moore was fired because of personnel policies.

At last week's town council meeting, Mayor Bullard said discussions about Moore could only happen in executive session behind closed doors. Council did not agree with Bullard's decision, so they decided to hold a special meeting on Tuesday night at the Ellis Performing Arts Center at Latta High School to make up for it.

At the meeting, town council passed an emergency ordinance that would postpone hiring another police chief for 60 days.

This would give the Town of Latta enough time to hold an election on June 24th. Voters will decide what type of government they want for the town.

Currently, Latta has a strong-mayor -weak council system. The current system does not allow council to reinstate Moore as police chief.

Neither Mayor Bullard nor Crystal Moore were at Tuesday night's meeting.

Moore did stop by after the meeting to thank people for their support. She told WPDE NewsChannel 15 she hopes to get back to work.

"I was just doing my job, that's all I was doing, and I want to get back to doing my job," she said.

Moore told us she has filed for a grievance hearing over her firing.