Financial woes for family of man who tried to save teenager

The struggles are just beginning for the family of an Horry County man who died Monday trying to save a stranger's life.

Scott Woods, 34, drowned while attempting to rescue a teenager who also died.

To make matters worse, his wife became unemployed shortly before Woods' death.

Shannon Woods says her late husband was the kind of guy friends could call in the middle of the night if they needed help or just someone to talk to, so trying to rescue a swimmer in trouble was just the kind of thing he would do.

"Especially since it was a child. He wouldn't have thought twice," she said.

Shannon now finds herself with no means of financial support and three children to raise on her own. There's 16-year-old Ivy, 15-year-old Kayla and 9-year-old Aiden.

She lost her restaurant manager's job just a week before her husband died. He had worked in landscaping and had no life insurance.

"As far as financially, how things are going to fall together right now, I'm still just as confused as I was at day one," Shannon said.

Shannon says she's taking it day-by-day and each day gets a bit easier.

The love she feels from family and friends has been beautiful, she says, but it also feels like her soul has been ripped out.

"I miss him terribly, the children miss him terribly," she said through tears. "I think they feel their father's love and they know that nobody ever really leaves you, they're always a part of you and I think that brings comfort."

Along with a new job, one thing Shannon Woods hopes for is that the family of Joshua Walley, the teenager her husband tried to save, feels no guilt because of Scott's death.

"If anything, the only thing my husband would have regretted is not being able to save that boy. He'd do it again."

Shannon says our days on earth are always numbered, and she and Scott had talked about their wishes for when that time came, but there was no way they thought it would happen so soon.

She says her husband was an organ donor, that his eyes and heart valve were harvested at death, so he is still saving lives.