Few things in life are free, but New Year's Eve cab rides are!

Many New Year's Eve celebrations involve alcohol consumption, but if you drink too much and drive, there could be consequences. Diamond Cab in Myrtle Beach is ready to take you home from your party for free.

If you've had too much to drink, just tell your bartender or server you would like a "Holiday Safe Ride."

"If anybody drives themselves to a bar or a house party and they get intoxicated, we don't want them to get back in that vehicle once they've been drinking," said Diamond Taxi General Manager, Josh Rauzi.

This program is close to Rauzi's heart.

"I remember the police officer came over late that night and asked if we had any other family, and my uncle came over and told me my dad had passed away from drinking and driving," said Josh Rauzi.

Rauzi and his siblings were split up and put into foster care. Rauzi said his father's death changed his life forever, and this program is way to make sure that the same tragedy doesn't happen to anyone else.

"If we could prevent anyone from going through something similar that would be great, and it really makes me feel good," said Rauzi.

To get a free ride, you have to have driven yourself to the bar or party. The cab driver will return your keys to you once they get you home.

For more information, you can call 843-448-8888.

Safe Ride will be back in operation for Superbowl Sunday.