FEMA approves South Carolina disaster declaration

Wednesday morning, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley requested a federal declaration of emergency in order to get access to FEMA assets it the wake of this winter storm hitting the state and Wednesday evening, she got it.

Gov. Haley wrote a letter to President Barack Obama on Wednesday requesting help, as a result of the severe winter weather causing emergency situations. In it she said, "Direct federal assistance is needed to meet critical emergency protection requirements that are beyond the capability of the state and affected local governments before arrival of the storm's most deleterious effects."

Haley declared a state of emergency on Tuesday.

The approval means South Carolina could request commodities such as generators, bottled water, meals ready to eat and support teams.

The federal government will now cover 75% of the costs acquired in this storm. South Carolina is responsible for the remaining 25%.

President Obama declared the emergency for all counties in the State of South Carolina. The declaration comes in addition to the President's Emergency Declaration for 91 counties in the State of Georgia on Tuesday, at the request of Governor Nathan Deal.

FEMA has deployed Incident Management Assistance Team liaisons to the state emergency operations center in South Carolina to facilitate close coordination.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration is helping facilitate the expedited movement of utility trucks and personnel in South Carolina, which includes bypassing weigh stations as long as they are under the legal weight requirements.