Federal gun crime prosecution numbers down 25%

The Justice Department prosecuted 25 percent fewer gun cases than in 2008.

In 2013, federal prosecutors brought 5,082 gun violation cases. In 2008, it brought 6,700.

The Washington Times, a corporate investigative media partner, said the reason for the decline in cases is due to a shift away from prosecuting violent offenders to more regulatory type cases.

"These cases are harder to prosecute. So, ATF just isn't referring the number of cases that they used to go after. Catching a felon on the streets with an illegal gun is a pretty easy prosecution. Whereas, putting together a case against a manufacturer or a gun dealer is a little bit more elaborate and takes more time to prosecute," said Kelly Riddell of the Washington Times.

The Washington Times, along with Syracus University, dug in to the prosecution numbers to see what has been happening since the movie theatre shooting in Colorado in 2012 and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2013. To view that story go to the Washington Times.