FBI report: 8 in 10 cops overweight

Using body mass index, or BMI, which is a measurement tool to determine excess body weight in relation to height, an FBI report found 80 percent of police officers in the United States are overweight.

Physical fitness is a standard testing area for those entering the police force, but the question is whether it's enforced after graduation from the academy.

At the Horry County Police Department, "not every cop right now has a physical fitness standard," according to Lt. Robert Kegler.

Lt. Kegler says members of SWAT and special operations teams are the only HCPD officers currently required to meet certain physical fitness criteria, but that will soon change.

"Right now our training section is working on developing a physical fitness standard, and it's going to be similar to what academy does when all the officers go through basic training in order to become cops," said Kegler.

He says they hope to have the new obstacle course-based standard in place by January 2015.

Even though the HCPD does not have a uniform physical fitness test for all its officers, Lt. Kegler points out there is a wellness program that provides members of the department, as well as other county employees, with incentives for working out like extra vacation hours.

Unlike HCPD officers, Myrtle Beach Police officers do have certain fitness requirements they must maintain.

MBPD officers have certain pass-fail physical agility tests and yearly physicals, according to Captain David Knipes.

Knipes also says there have been instances where officers have been moved to light duty until a weight concern is addressed.