Father/Son tournament brings in millions for Grand Strand

The 17th annual Father/Son golf tournament brought in close to $4 million to the Grand Strand economy. This tournament comes to town every summer, a time when the golf industry on the Grand Strand is low.

Golfers from around the world participate in the week long event.

Men from 44 states and 5 foreign countries came to the Grand Strand to be a part of the world's largest father and son golf tournament.

"This is their one vacation a year that a father and a son can reconnect. Maybe the father lives in California and the son lives on the east coast, wherever it may be. But they come to Myrtle Beach for 4 or 5 days and just hang out and have a good time and play golf," said Brad Greenstein, a tournament director.

One father-son duo says they have traveled from Texas for almost ten years for the tournament.

They said it's something they look forward to every year so they can bond and be competitive with one another.

"He's a little bit too old to hang with me in basketball or something like that so in golf we cant still compete," said Josh Radcliff of his father, Philip. "We tied each other yesterday. That's the great thing about golf. You can play it from super young to super old and still have a good time."

Teams paid $1,200 to participate in the world's largest golf tournament of its kind.

8 golf courses across the Grand Strand hosted the event.