Father of Sandy Hook teacher speaks to WPDE NewsChannel 15

On the one year anniversary of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, Carlos Soto came to the Grand Strand to escape the memories.

But when he heard about another school shooting at a high school in Colorado on Friday, he knew he had to reach out and say something.

"My daughter didn't giver her life for me to stay home, feel sorry for myself. She has given me a mission to keep going forward," Soto said in an exclusive interview with WPDE NewsChannel 15.

Carlos' daughter, Victoria Soto, 27, was a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. She died while shielding her children from Adam Lanza, the gunman who killed 20 students and 6 educators. Victoria has been called a hero, even receiving the Presidential Citizens Medal.

Carlos described meeting the president, who had some words about his heroic daughter. "He said, my people have been trained for... to go in front of me to take the bullet, she was never trained, she went and did it to protect her kids" Soto said. "Words like that from the president help keep me going," he added.

Her father says in the year since the shooting rampage, Congress hasn't done enough to change gun culture in America. "The Senate and the House have not done nothing at all for the gun control," Soto said.

Soto described his daughter as his right hand and said this time of year is especially difficult because of Victoria's impact on the family during Christmas. He says she was a leader for her cousins and siblings, and loved to go Christmas shopping.

Soto says he and his family have vacationed on the Grand Strand in the past.