Father of missing Bennettsville girl says he has faith deputies will find his daughter

Father of missing Bennettsville girl says he has faith deputies will find his daughter (WPDE)

Tyrone Thomas, 40, said he has all the faith in the world that deputies will bring his little girl back home to him.

Thomas' 8-year-old daughter Iyana Lowery has been missing since last Friday.

Deputies think the child was with her mother, Ella Lowery, 36, when Lowery was killed at their home on Craig Circle in Bennettsville.

Dewayne Bright, 36, was charged with murder in Lowery's death, but the charges were dropped.

Thomas said he knows Bright and recently talked with him.

"He spoke to me last week. He was cutting his grandma's grass. I was coming back out this way. And, I went to pass him and we were talking, and I told him, 'You need to lower the lawn mower to cut the grass better,'" said Thomas.

Thomas said investigators questioned him early on in the investigation and he even took a polygraph.

"He asked me questions. 'Did I murder her? Did I got to the house and do it?' So, I answered truthfully. I would never do that. And the answer was, 'No.' I ain't got no reason to harm anybody. They had to rule me out," said Thomas.

Thomas said his 10-year-old son was also in the home when his mother was killed, but he was asleep.

He said investigators have talked with his little boy in an effort to help find his sister.

"He said he didn't see nothing. He was asleep. Ain't nothing they can ask him. He says, whatever they ask him, everything was the same answers. It ain't changed a bit."

Thomas said, right now, all he wants is his baby girl back. He said he's doing what he can to help deputies find her.

If you have any information you're asked to call 843-479-5605.

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