Father of man charged in 4-month-old son's death talks about missing his son

Huey Locklear

A couple charged in the death of their four-month-old son, appeared in court Thursday, seven years after the infant died.

Huey Locklear and Nikki Turner are charged with Homicide by Child Abuse.

The couple's four-month-old, Caled Locklear, died in April of 2006 after the parents knowingly allowed the infant to ingest an alcoholic substance ultimately caused his death.

Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel said in court that Caleb's blood alcohol level was .16, which is twice the legal limit for an adult.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 talked to Huey Locklear who says they didn't see this coming and were blown away when they were charged.

"We did thought it was behind us. We just went by what we was told. Then for someone to come up and seven years later and bring something like this up is just opening another wound for us to have to sit here and heal," Locklear, the father of the four-month old said.

Locklear wouldn't comment on his innocence or guilt, but says he loved his son and he still feels the pain from his death.

Daniel said in court the case was initially investigated by the State Law Enforcement Division in 2006, but charges were never brought.

SLEDs Special Victim's Unit stated looking through old files and came across the case..

Daniel says agents then asked the solicitors office about brining charges against the parents and they were charged last month.

A judge granted the couple a $30,000 personal recognizance bond.

If convicted, the parents face 20 years to life in prison.