Family pleads: Come forward with information on Memorial Day weekend shooting

Family members standing up at the conference to ask anyone with information on the shooting to come forward.

Family members of those killed in a shooting that took place over Memorial Day weekend in Myrtle Beach pleaded with the public to come forward with any information they have.

"Just let us know the truth," said Terri Dantzler during a news conference Wednesday afternoon in Summerville. "We need closure for his death and we need to know how this happened." Her son Devonte Dantzler was killed in the shooting at the Bermuda Sands motel on May 24.

The Summerville Police Department hosted the news conference for the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

A Myrtle Beach Detective said during the conference that they have no information on a motive for the shooting and that it is a hard case to investigate because the suspects could be anywhere and the victims were all from Summerville, about 2 hours away from Myrtle Beach.

The detective said they were meeting with family members after the conference once again to attempt to gather more information.

Terri Dantzler said she wants justice for her son.

"We just want justice. We just want the truth of everything," she said.

She said her son turned 21-years-old on April 27, just a few weeks before the May 24 shooting.

"He had seen none of his life," Terri Dantzler said.

Sandy Barnwell, another victim of the shooting, arrived in Myrtle Beach only three hours before she died, according to a family member who spoke at the conference Wednesday.

Her relative said that every day that goes by without knowing what happened is harder and harder.

"Its worse every day that goes by. We're only waiting and wondering because we can't rest," she said.

According to a release from Summerville police, the three victims killed in that shooting were Jamie Williams, 28, of Ladson, Devonte Dantzler, 21, of Summerville, and Sandy Gaddis Barnwell, 22, of Summerville. Another man was also injured in the shooting. All the victims lived in the Summerville area, north-west of Charleston.

According to the release, Myrtle Beach police responded to a report of a large fight in the street in front of the Bermuda Sands motel and before they arrived three shots were fired, striking one man. While officers were tending to that man multiple shots were fired on the second floor of the motel. The shots fired on the second floor of the motel resulted in the deaths of Williams, Dantzler and Barnwell.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to arrest in this case. Tips can be called in to 1-888-Crime-SC

Myrtle Beach police also released an enhanced video of a suspect in the shooting. You can see that video on the WPDE YouTube Channel.