Family loses son, gives life to another

Two 12-year-old boys who lived just a few miles apart in Conway had several things in common and now they share a bond forever.

In January, James King died after having a Grand Mal seizure.

While the King family was grieving the loss of their son, another family down the road was waiting for a phone call.

"When they called for us to go, I don't remember breathing," said Michael Turner.

Turner's son Jackson was diagnosed with renal failure in September. Jackson was told he'd need a kidney transplant to live.

"We had several people that were tested, people that were tested as far as Hawaii, but none of them were a match," said Lavada Turner.

However, there was a match, James King.

King's family donated his organs including his heart, liver, and kidneys. Jackson Turner received one of James' kidneys.

"He saved my life pretty much," said Jackson.

Now these families who lived just miles apart are bonded forever through a tragedy that produced a miracle.

"It's more than a donation, It's about the love they've shown for somebody that they didn't even know," said Lavada.

The families plan on staying in touch.