Facebook helps bring dog home

Thanks to social media and the help of Horry County residents, Ted Watts of Murrells Inlet was reunited with his missing dog Thursday morning.

It all started this past weekend when Watts had to take a trip to North Carolina and couldn't bring Scruffy along. He asked his son to look after the dog while he was away.

"I said, 'You know what I want you to do? I want you to take him home. He said 'Well I don't know.' And I said, 'well just go ahead. Y'all need to bond a little bit, and he loves your dog,'" Watts said.

But Scruffy ran away on Watts' son when he went to go open the door to the car on Saturday night. The family thought about putting up flyers, but decided to turn to social media instead.

"I immediately posted on my Facebook 'help, help, help, my dog's missing," Watts said.

Watts said after he posted the news, there was an enormous outpouring of help from the community to help bring Scruffy home. Hundreds of people from all over Horry County started sharing pictures of Scruffy and looking for the missing dog themselves.

Thanks to tips of Scruffy sightings from residents, Watts was reunited with Scruffy behind the Horry County Maintenance Department in Conway on Thursday morning.

"He jumped on me and we both cried. And we cried. And we cried. And when I stood up, he was so happy. He just pranced around," Watts tearfully said.

If you'd like to send Scruffy a welcome home message, you can do so on his very own Facebook page by clicking here.