Escaped Florence County work release inmates believed to be in Georgia

Dameon Simpson

State prison officials say Dameon Simpson and Kyle Norris were in Lawrenceville, Georgia Monday evening.

Officials say the two escaped
from a work site in Florence County sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The communications director for the South Carolina Department of Corrections, Clark Newsom, says the pair tricked a car salesman in Lawrenceville to let them take a car on a test drive.

Newsom says Simpson and Norris never returned with the car.

He believes the two are headed to Florida where Norris has relatives.

They're believed to be driving a white Pontiac Grand Prix with a Georgia state dealers license tag. The tag number is DL91591.

Simpson and Norris are serving time at Palmer's Pre-release Minimum Security Prison. They work the late shift at McCall Farms in Effingham.

Newsome says the men left the farm and didn't go back to the prison. Newsome says they first realized Simpson was missing when he didn't show up for the count at 4:20 Sunday morning. They discovered Norris was missing around 9 a.m.

Newsome says Simpson got the keys to operate a machine on the farm from a co-worker. He says the co-worker's keys to his car were on the ring. He says they believe the pair have ditched that car.

Newsome says Norris was scheduled to be released in six months and Simpson would have been released in September of 2013.

US Marshals
and the state prison's special investigation unit are searching the Lawrenceville, GA area and parts of Florida.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Norris and Simpson you're asked to call the state prison's special investigation unit at (803) 896-2256.