Escaped Florence County inmate captured

Kyle Norris

Florida authorities arrested Kyle Norris, 27, on September 10, according to South Carolina Department of Corrections Communications Director Clark Newsom.

Norris and Dameon Simpson escaped from the McCall Farms work site in Florence County in January.

They were serving time at Palmer's Pre-Release Minimum Security Prison in Florence.

Newsom says Florida Fish and Wildlife authorities were checking for licenses when they stopped a boat Norris was a passenger on in Monroe County, Florida.

He gave them a fake name he had used before, Newsom said.

He was charged with resisting arrest and served with an out-of-state warrant.

Norris is now being held at the Broadriver Correctional Maximum Security Prison in Columbia.

He could serve an additional one to 15 years in prison for escape. Norris was scheduled to be released in July before he escaped.

Investigators are hot on the trial of Simpson and hope to have him in custody soon, Newsom said.