EOC upholds removal of Mustafa

The Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council on Tuesday upheld the decision to kick one of its board members off the board of directors.

Last week, board member Abdullah Mustafa's position was reassessed. The reassessment was really a "re-vote" by parts of Horry County's community, which Mustafa represented.

The reassessment came at the request of the state agency which funds the EOC. That agency determined in an audit that the April 2009 election of Mustafa was not in accordance with the EOC's bylaws.

The people of Horry County Area One voted last week for Mustafa to no longer be on the board, and Tuesday night, the other board members upheld that decision.

Mustafa, it is said, did not object to Tuesday's decision because he was not there at the time the issue was discussed.

Last week, the people also voted on a reassessment of another board member, Wade Sessions, but voted to keep him on the board.

The state temporarily halted funding of the EOC several months ago, but after an uproar from the community, the funding was restored.

The EOC, despite recent and ongoing troubles, provides assistance to the needy in Horry, Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties.