Environmental crews working to remove mold from Darlington High School

Environmental crews have been removing and cleaning up mold from Darlington High School since last Friday and district officials have shut down the school's main building as a precaution.

"In an abundance of caution was to close down the entire main building, both the top and the bottom floor," said Audrey Childers, Darlington School District Public Information Officer.

School officials realized there was a mold problem in June and called in crews to remove it then.

However, when teachers reported back to work last week they discovered the mold wasn't gone and more had surfaced due to all the rain we've had this summer.

The district again called in a top environmental firm to start mold remediation and abatement process.

"This is not a bunch of people over there using bleach and rags to wipe it down. We have been very fortunate to bring in some great experts," Childers explained.

Childers says those experts tested the entire school and found the mold was only contained to the mail building.

Crews are removing and replacing carpet, ceiling tiles and sheetrock.

They're also treating walls and all surfaces and employing dry-ice blasting.

Some parents have mixed actions about the district's response and cleanup efforts of the mold situation.

"Their response was real good. I mean they jump on the situation to start with and hopefully they'll have it under control in the next week or so," said Calvin Thomas, parent.

"A lot of children have asthmas and they don't need to be in that environment," Wanda Tadlock, another parent added.

The district says it wants to assure parents the areas where classes are being held are free and clear of any signs of mold problems.

"If it's not safe enough for my children , then it's not safe enough for anyone's children. And that's what we're trying to convey to parents. We are doing this . We're not rushing anyone. We told them to take the time they need to do what needs to be done. So we can ensure our children and our staff are moving into a very safe environment," Childers explained.

Childers adds students could return to the top floor of the main building within the next week or so.

The first floor has more mold and it could take some time before its ready to house students and staff again.