HGTC hosts event to honor engineering: "The industry is here"

The electrical lineman's competition at Horry Georgetown Technical College during the Ninth Annual Engineering Day on April 19, 2017. (Erin MacPherson/WPDE)

On Wednesday, Horry Georgetown Technical College hosted their Ninth Annual Engineering Day for high school and college students.

David Lewis, the Engineering Technology Department Chair and an HGTC professor, said this event shows high school students what the college has to offer and it shows college students the available opportunities in the industry.

"It gives us a good opportunity to meet the students. We're always looking for graduates in the local area that have experience and we don’t have to bring from out of town. Engineering is a big thing here in Myrtle Beach. We're really busy and it's good for us to find new employees," said Jeff Miller, Project Engineer and Civil Engineer with Mead & Hunt.

Mead & Hunt was just one of the companies who came out for Engineering Day at HGTC.

"All of this benefits the students and benefits our local economy," said Lewis.

Lewis said there are plenty of jobs in our area for engineers.

"It's a total misconception if you don't think the industry is here. The industry is here. If the industry was not here, we would not be running as a city, as a county, as a town. We wouldn't be able to function without the engineering industry, the construction industry, the electronics industry," said Lewis. "I get more phone calls for students that are graduating to work than I have students to provide. I'm overloaded with people looking for construction engineers, cost estimates, people with a technical background."

That gives students plenty of options.

"That's why I chose civil engineer in case I wanted to [do] highway design or architectural type things. It just opens all those things. When I get closer to graduation, I'll start to narrow it just a bit," said Alex Todd, a student at HGTC.

For more information about the engineering department at HGTC, click here.

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