Elvis family supporters show up in full force for couple's bond hearing

Dozens of supporters of Heather Elvis's family were among those crowded into the courtroom Monday for the bond hearing for Sidney and Tammy Moorer, the Horry County couple charged with murder in connection with Elvis's disappearance.

Followers of the case from all ages and walks of life showed up at the Government and Justice Center to show their support.

Some of them said they knew Heather Elvis or her family, while others claimed no personal connection to the case. Many said they felt they needed to be there, because they want to see justice for Heather.

Security was tight, as people gathered outside the courtroom. Some arrived hours before the hearing started.

Anyone entering the courtroom had to pass through two separate metal detector stations before being allowed in.

A few Elvis family well-wishers wore T-shirts or other items bearing Heather's picture. That prompted a warning from an Horry County sheriff's deputy.

"So if you have a button on or a picture, pro, con, whatever the case may be, on either side of the family, please do us a favor and remove that," Sgt. Jeff Benton told the crowd.

Some followers of the case said they felt a personal connection to the missing woman, tenuous though it may be.

"I have a friend that worked with her, so I felt bad for the whole thing," said Brice Parrish.

Others said they felt moved by the suffering of Heather's father, Terry Elvis.

"When she went missing and when he wrote his first little story about it and I read it, tears came to my eyes and I've just been involved in trying to find where and what happened to her ever since," said Elvis family supporter Fay Crigger.

One woman from Maryland said she wanted to be here, because she knows how awful it would feel if her child went missing.

"I don't know if (Sidney and Tammy Moorer) are guilty or not, but if they are guilty, then they deserve to stay in jail and be prosecuted, so I'm here to support the family in their loss," said Sharon Meyd.

Supporters used the "Find Heather Elvis" Facebook page to organize today's demonstration.