Eleven Florence workers share a $50,000 Powerball prize win

A group of 11 co-workers from the Florence Housing Authority are sharing a $50,000 Powerball® prize won in last Wednesday night's drawing.

After taxes, that's about $3,000 each.

The group said it's been buying Powerball® tickets for a year. The lucky one was from Jackie Postons Inc. on East Palmetto Street in Florence.

"We figure more will want to join us now," said the group's spokesperson Cornelious Felder.

The winners are mostly maintenance mechanics at the Housing Authority and learned last Thursday that they'd won. They spent the day celebrating and making plans to collect and divvy up their winnings from successfully matching four white ball numbers and the red Powerball® number drawn on last Wednesday.

Group members are planning to take vacations, pay bills, and enjoy dinner out with their families.

Jackie Postons received a commission of $500 for selling the claimed ticket.