Election Day ban on alcohol sales lifted

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Monday Gov. Nikki Haley signed a law that will repeal the state's ban on the sale of alcohol on election day.

"I was just hoping we could bring South Carolina to the 21st Century," said Representative Bakari Sellers (D), Bamberg, a sponsor of the bill.

The bill was introduced in February 2013 by Rick Quinn, who represents Lexington, and James E. Smith, who represents Richland.

South Carolina was the only remaining state to ban Election Day sales of alcohol outright, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

"We applaud Gov. Haley and state legislators for making this effort to modernize a very outdated and confusing law that no longer makes sense in today's economy," said DISCUS Vice President Jay Hibbard in a news release. "These bans literally date back to an era when saloons often served as polling stations and it was common, even expected, to serve drinks for votes."

Over the years, the ban has had a financial impact on the Palmetto State, according to Sellers.

"It does have a substantial, fiscal impact. I mean there are businesses who will make tens of thousands of dollars on that day and for some unknown reason they weren't allowed to sell and now they are," Sellers said.

The same bill also allows for breweries to sell beer on site along with food.

But the bill does instead prohibit the sale of alcohol on Christmas Day.