Effingham residents living without power for nearly a week

While the majority of those in our area have power, thousands in our area have been without it for almost a week including in rural areas of Florence County.

For those who are still living without it, every day life is a struggle.

Effingham resident Jean Moore and her husband have been without electricity since last Tuesday afternoon.

"We have freezers and refrigerators and so we've used the generator just to keep the refrigerator and the freezers going with food in it so we can save that," Moore explained.

But Moore and her husband have been dealing with more than just keeping their food cold.

"He's a heart patient that is an amputee and lives in a wheelchair. He does not walk, so we have managed to power his power chair with a generator."

Santee Electric Cooperative told Moore they could have to wait until mid-week before their power is restored.

WPDE left a message with them, but as of this posting are still waiting to hear back.

Pee Dee Electric


, another power company, has completed its power restoration from the storm and is now just hoping they don't see any new outages.

They explained that there's still a chance damage from last week will cause more people to lose power.

"Then you've got the damage of the additional weight and everything that are sitting on those limbs and those limbs can come down hours from now," explained Brian Kelley, Vice President of Marketing at Pee Dee Electric Cooperative.

Monday night, Pee Dee Electric Cooperative announced that first thing Tuesday morning it will send 12 trucks and 15 linemen to help Santee Electric Cooperative restore power to its members. As of Monday afternoon, Santee Electric still had more than 10,000 members without power.

As for the Moore's, they're trying to stay positive; thankful for what they do have.

"Well you just learn to make do and get by and just deal with what you have to deal with and God is good, people have been wonderful to us and we just make the most of it," Moore explained.