Early morning fire in Florence County

South Carolina Highway Patrol and crews with the Windy Hill Volunteer Fire Department are investigating a house fire in Florence County.

The fire started at around 5:30


Monday on East Old Marion Road and Saxony Way.

No one was injured.

Bobbi Crowley says she and her sister lived in the home.

"I went to the bathroom


came back and lay down on my bed. I smelled something like cloth burning and looked and saw the reflection of something on my bedroom and I realized it looked like fire," said Bobbi Crowley.

She says they lost everything including their four dogs.

"They kept us alive I guess. We enjoyed watching them play and stuff and it just, it was a joy for us to have them and now they're gone," said Crowley.

Crews are still investigating how the fire started. They weren't able to locate a working smoke detector.

A neighbor says a firefighter indicated an oxygen tank inside the home appears to have exploded and caused the fire.

Three residents are now displaced and are being helped by the Red Cross.

The organization provided vouchers for food, clothing and shelter for the sisters for the time being.