E-book lending comes to Horry County Library

The Horry County Memorial Library system is catching up with the increasing popularity of e-books.

Library patrons can now check out e-books from the library for use on their e-readers.

The service is called the 3-M Cloud Library and it's free, though it requires downloading an app from the county library's website.

So far, around 340 titles are available in many different genres and more are being added all the time.

The library's director says the service will work on Kindles and many other electronic devices.

"One of the great things about the 3-M service is it works on many different platforms," said Cliff Boyer. "So you can go from a laptop, a PC, any of the iPads, the Apple products and including your smart phones."

Because there's a limited number of titles available, Boyer said people will only be able to download two books at a time, though they can place holds on more.

Patrons must have an Horry County library card to use the service.