Drug confiscation, community building are top priorities for Atlantic Beach's new police chief

A new interim police chief has watched over the streets of the Town of Atlantic Beach in recent weeks.

Timothy Taylor, 28, took on his new role about two weeks ago.

"It's never about being too young. It's what you know, and what you interpret, and how you understand the law. And, I think I do a good job with understanding the law and how to enforce it," Taylor said when we asked about his young age as chief.

He has been in law enforcement for the past seven years. During that time, he has quickly worked his way through the ranks. He started his career with the Lake City Police Department. Then, he joined the Andrews Police Department, where he most recently worked as a lieutenant for the department's narcotics division. He has been a part of several drug investigations.

Taylor has been involved in three drug cases in his time on the job, including a big drug confiscation on Tuesday.

"I was kind of aware of the drug problem here as I got into it. There's more here than I thought there was, but we are going to get the job done," Taylor said.

Taylor said more police protection will help to crackdown on the drug problem. His goal is to have around five officers on the team. The department will have four soon, since they will be hiring a new part-time officer.

Aside from increased police coverage, Taylor said he would like to focus on building relationships within the community. He has been visiting business owners and residents in the community to gain trust, which he says will help him do his job more effectively.

"I'm just glad to be here to make a difference and do a good job for them," Taylor said.

Taylor said he has recently had discussions with other law enforcement agencies to get a better handle on the sizable drug problem in the town.

Atlantic Beach's town council recently voted to enter into a mutual aid agreement with the town of Andrews.