Drivers pumped by plummeting gas prices

In the Myrtle Beach market, AAA Carolinas says the average price of gas Saturday fell to $2.98, down from $3.07 just a week ago and $3.29 a month ago. It's also about 40 cents less than last year's average gas prices in the area.

Off Highway 501 in Horry County, many vacationing drivers were filling up Sunday on their way out of town.

"Exceptional! I paid 3.51 before I left North Carolina. And I see it's 2.87," Sandra Nackab of Fayetville said.

"I love the South Carolina gas prices," Joe Allford of Charlotte said. "I couldn't believe, I was like what! What happened from the time I left home to here."

The price of gas has fallen to below $3 per gallon in 18 states, but South Carolinians are getting the lowest prices at the pump of all. The state average hit $3.02 a gallon Saturday, nearly 50 cents less than the national average and nearly 70 cents lower than what South Carolinians paid in April.

Why the low prices though? Partially the drop in crude prices. Friday, crude oil prices fell to an eight-month low of $77.56 a barrel. Crude oil has fallen to $78 a barrel for U.S. crude and under $90 for Brent Crude. Just a couple months ago, U.S. crude was selling for $105, and Brent was up to $120 per barrel.