Drive by bullet pierces through fridge, woman's heart

Picture of Annie Manning

Dillon County sheriff's deputies are investigating a shooting in Dillon County where Annie Manning, 60, was killed and her husband and her friend were wounded.

Annie Manning was cooking dinner when someone either walked or drove up to the house and opened fire with an automatic weapon.

Investigators with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office say they have a person of interest they would like to talk with about the shooting, but aren't releasing his name because the investigation is ongoing.

Rex Manning says he was in the home but wasn't hit, and Manning says he did his best to save his aunt.

"My uncle he hollered - he hit. I tried to get his wife out the kitchen. The bullet come through the refrigerator and went straight through her heart. I held her in my arms until she took her last breath on the floor right there in the kitchen. I saw it and I told her husband, she gone and he was still shooting. Still shooting, standing right there," said Manning.

Manning says he was dodging bullets to get his aunt's small grandchildren out of the house.

"Trying to get the kids out through the back door. They couldn't go through the front because he was shooting through the front," Manning explained.

Annie's husband is home from the hospital after being shot in the leg. He's using crutches to help him get around.

He didn't want to talk on camera but says he's devastated over the senseless killing of his wife of 32 years.

"But nobody deserved to die like that, nobody. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. She was the sweetest thing, she was the sweetest thing," said Sherry Lester, Manning's sister-in-law.

Relatives say they will celebrate Manning's life and legacy because that's what she would have wanted.

She leaves behind her husband, nine children and seven grandchildren.