Drainage system repairs top priority from grant money

Southwest Mullins was awarded $500,000 from the state at a check presentation Monday to fix drainage problems off of Milton Troy Avenue.

Senator Kent Williams and representatives from the offices of Congressman James Clyburn and Senator Lindsey Graham spoke at the event.

Residents say they've tried for 13 years to get the problem fixed and they're excited they've finally got help.

"It's a great day. It's a big day. I guess I haven't really grasped the enormity of the siutation. I'm proud. I'm proud of the people what they did. The thing that I'm most proud about is they now know that they can change things, " said Milton Troy Marion County Council.

The community says whenever it rains, it floods.

Residents say clogged ditches fill with water and that causes major problems with mosquitoes and snakes.

"The water be green sometimes and it just. And the mosquitoes is bad. The snakes we kill about four snakes coming out of the ditches this year," said Coleen Graves.

The project's engineer says crews will expand the ditches and enlarge pipes so the water can flow freely throughout the area.

The project is expected to be finished within one year.