Downed trees blocking roadways, causing power outages


WPDE crews out covering the storm Thursday morning report trees and branches across roadways are causing major problems.

Trees and limbs continue to fall, reminding us the storm isn't done yet.

Navigating Main Street in Marion is like being in a maze, weaving around fallen trees and branches. In some places throughout town entire roadways are blocked. There are also sagging power lines everywhere.

A drive through Marion revealed the depth of the power problem as we saw street after street of darkened homes and businesses.

Beware that many stop lights are not operating. Many of the intersections are manned by police but not all of them, so be careful.

Several major streets and intersections in Florence are without power, including West Palmetto Street, Irby Street and Pamplico Highway.

Lake City Mayor Lovith Anderson says the storm has essentially paralyzed his city.

Although Red Cross Shelters and warming centers are open, many people can't get to them because they don't have transportation or because driving is so treacherous.