"Don't Strip the Neck" movement ready to take a stand

A group in Pawleys Island says the Department of Transportation's plan to put medians along part of Ocean Highway is a bad and idea, and on Thursday they plan to get together to do something about it.

The campaign called "Don't Strip the Neck" is a movement to raise awareness against the project they say has safety issues and will destroy the personality of Pawleys Island.

The project will add two additional stop lights on Ocean Highway at Lachicotte Drive and Jetty Drive and create a landscaped raised median that will limit left hand turns directly into some businesses.

"So we feel that with the 3,000 petitioners and over 150 businesses that signed petitions we feel our voices are not being heard by county council. We feel that there is a better plan that will better suit the community and that wont affect the local business," David Gundling with Gundling Law Firm said.

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