Donations needed to bury World War II veteran

Calvin Harrison, a World War II veteran, died February 13, 2014.

A World War II veteran in Florence, whose hospice nurse was working to get him recognition for his service, died peacefully in his sleep Thursday at the age of 91.

Lisa Hyatt, with Hospice Care of Tri County, was taking care of Harrison.

Harrison, an African-American, volunteered to serve and never saw the recognition so many other veterans did.

Hyatt got Harrison veterans benefits to help with his medical expenses and then began working to get him local and state recognition for his service to our country.

"The fact that he was an African American man in World War II, and he wasn't drafted. He volunteered to serve his country. A country that was discriminating against him during that time yet he volunteered to serve it. To me that speaks so much," Hyatt told us in a December 2013 interview.

Now, members of the community are trying to raise enough money to give Harrison the veterans burial he deserves, according to Bill Kryzk, with Honor Flight Myrtle Beach.

Donations can be made to the Florence Baptist Temple, which is where his service will eventually be held, Kryzk said.

Florence Baptist Temple

2308 S. Irby Street

Florence, SC 29505

Harrison has already been accepted to the Florence National Cemetery.