Dolphin that washed up in Horry County died of morbillivirus

UPDATE: As of December 10, 48 dolphins have washed up along the South Carolina coast, according to Wayne McFee with the National Oceanic and Atomospheric Administration.

Ten out of 11 dolphins have tested positive fo the morbillivirus. Results on the remaining 37 are not back yet.

McFee says nine dolphins have washed up in the past seven days.

So far this year an estimated 900 dolphins have died as a result of the virus.

If you see a stranded dolphin or whale, don't approach it. Call the Marine Mammal Stranding Network Hotline, 1-800-922-5431.

A dolphin that washed up in Horry County last month tested positive for the morbillivirus, a measles-like virus that has spread among the dolphin population on the East Coast, according to Wayne McFee with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The dolphin washed up on shore in Myrtle Beach on October 23.

Since October 17, 26 dolphins have washed up dead along the South Carolina coast. Five of those were found in Horry County, seven in Georgetown County, eight in Charleston County and six in Beaufort County, McFee said.

In addition to the dolphin in Horry County testing positive for the morbillivirus, NOAA has seen positive tests come back for one dolphin from Charleston County and one from Beaufort County.

The results of the other dolphin deaths in Horry County are expected to come later this month.