Dog's amazing survival helps save other abused animals

A dog that survived an attempted drowning has become an inspiration to the staff at a Georgetown animal shelter.

The dog is getting better every day, after she was found last week, tied-up and dumped in a canal.

Sadly, two other dogs that were also bound and thrown into the water did not survive, but their story is inspiring people to take action and save the lives of other abused animals.

The 4-year-old black lab was bound with duct tape around her legs and thrown in the water by someone who St. Francis Animal Shelter director Wendy Goude said must have a sick mind.

"Apparently somebody who has absolutely no heart, no compassion and in my opinion, somebody who is really demented," Goude said.

The dog's head injury is making a quick recovery and her temperment is excellent.

The staff at St. Francis named her Dara, after famed olympic swimmer Dara Torres.

Dara's story of survival has inspired more than a hundred people to send cards and letters to the shelter, many with simple, but heartfelt messages. "Mean people suck!" says one card.

Some letters include money, for a reward.

"They've given us enough money to hopefully build the pot and catch this guy," Goude said.

The reward is up to $2,500, for information leading to an arrest of the person who dumped Dara and the two other dogs.

There is a silver lining to Dara's story. The little shelter houses more than 250 other cats and dogs that each have their own horror stories, and now, because Dara and the other two dogs have made headlines, people are aware of the other animals there and their lives can be saved.

"With this little bit of light shone upon us, now people are coming to us and saying, Hey, I'd love to adopt a dog. I mean, in the end she is doing a lot more just for us than she even realizes," Goude said.

Goude said 350 people have applied to adopt Dara. If every person who contacted the shelter about Dara would have an interest in the other dogs, Goude said the shelter could close its doors.