Dog stolen from shelter found alive

The American bulldog, Spanky, that was stolen from the Marlboro County Humane Society was found Wednesday in Bennettsville by police.

Officers were able to locate Spanky through an ongoing investigation into accusations of dogfighting in the city. They can't say just yet where Spanky was found.

Marlboro County Sheriff's Office is working with Bennettsville police in the investigation into Spanky's theft.

Jennifer Hyduke with the Marlboro County Humane Society was afraid Spanky had been stolen to be used as a bait dog in a dogfighting operation.

"I got the phone call and I immediately. I started crying . I started shaking and I said just bring him to my house. I didn't want him back at the shelter. So, he'll be in a safe place ," said Hyduke.

Hyduke added that
Spanky appears to be in good health, but he does have a wound on his leg

"He has a puncture wound to his left , rear leg and we'll have that drained and put him on an antibiotic . Otherwise he seems fine

," she said.

Spanky was rescued two weeks ago, Hyduke said, after his owner moved away and left him at the home.

He was abandoned with no food or water and hooked to a chain that weighed roughly twelve pounds, she said.

Spanky was also covered in so many fleas, they had to sweep them off the floor.

He will leave soon to be with his adopted family in Maryland.

Hyduke says the family is elated Spanky is OK.

"He's still scheduled to be adopted in Maryland and she is e


static. She just cried when I told her he was alive."

If you have any information about Spanky's theft, you're asked to call the Bennettsville Police Department at (843) 479-3620 or the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office at (843) 479-5605.