Dog found with nose ripped off set for second surgery

Otto will require several surgeries before reconstruction of his nose can even begin.

Jennifer Smith, with Noah's Ark
animal rescue facility near Hilton Head, says a pit bull found with his nose ripped from his face will have major surgery Wednesday.

The dog has been named Otto. He was found last Tuesday on a porch in a residential community in Florence.The homeowner called animal control workers with Florence County Environmental Services , and they picked up the dog.

Smith says Otto had minor surgery last week. She says they're still waiting on blood work results in preparation for Wednesday's surgery.

The dog will need four surgeries to clear up oral infections and more than 100 wounds from bite marks on his malnourished body before reconstructive surgery to his face.

He was covered in parasites.

Smith says despite his injuries, Otto is hanging in there and doing OK.

Florence Area Humane Society
officials believe Otto was being used as a bait dog in a dog fighting operation.

Humane Society officials say the dog's nose wound is probably a couple of months old. They say Noah's Ark is the place where Otto can get the help he needs. They say Noah's Ark has helped other animals left with disfigured faces from abuse.

Herbie Christmas, with Florence County Environmental Services, says he's working as hard as he can to find Otto's owner. He wants to know who allowed this to happen to the dog.

Humane Society officials say they hope the owner will be found and held responsible for the dog's injuries.

Otto's recovery could take up to one year, according to officials at Noah's Ark. Once he's fully recovered, it's possible he can be adopted.

NewsChannel 15 will continue to provide you with updates on Otto's recovery.