Dog found with nose ripped off is now available for adoption

Otto, the pit bull found with his nose ripped off last August, is ready to be adopted, according to Noah's Arks animal rescue home in Hilton Head.

The pit bull has been at the facility for eight months getting treatment and reconstructive surgeries for major wounds to his body and face.

Animal control believes he was a victim of dog fighting.

Last August, the dog turned up at a home on Brookfield Road in Florence County with his nose ripped from his face.

The homeowners called Florence County Environmental Services and the Florence Area Humane Society, but couldn't reach anyone.

They barricaded their front porch and allowed Otto to stay the night until animal control officers arrived the following morning.

Otto has received eight different surgeries and is recovering well, according to Noah's Arks.

The facility says he's now put all of his weight back on and developed a tremendous amount of muscle.

Noah's Arks says a trainer has been able to help Otto to redevelop social skills so that he's able to be around other dogs and people.

The facility says he loves and adores people and is a good dog.

The facility will only allow an experienced handler to adopt Otto so they can continue to develop his social skills.

You can call (843) 540-6755 or email for more information on how you can adopt Otto.