Dog found with nose ripped off faces new obstacle

It was discovered Friday the pit bull found with his nose ripped off last week has a tick born disease.

Animal rescue officials say Otto has a tick born disease called Mycoplasma Haemocanis, which is why his body has so many parasites.

Otto is being treated at Noah's Ark rescue facility near Hilton Head.

Officials at Noah's Ark say they can't operate on Otto until he's treated for the tick born disease.

However, they say with proper medications, he can bounce back quickly and get ready for the surgeries.

We're told he will need at least three more operations, before major reconstructive surgery to his face.

Once he has fully recovered, animal rescue officials say he can possibly be adopted to a loving family.

Animal control employees with Florence County Environmental Services are trying to locate Otto's owner, so they can find out what happened to him.