Does a Florence murderer have a facebook page?

Rodney Ivey

The SC Department of Corrections is investigating if Rodney Ivey, a man sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife, has a Facebook account.

Ivey killed his wife Devin, last June.

Clark Newsom, with the corrections department, says investigators confiscated a mobile phone from Ivey's cell last weekend. He says it's possible he could have used the phone to set up a Facebook page.

NewsChannel 15 was initially contacted by Devin Ham Ivey's sister, Shannon McKnight, about the Facebook page she says belongs to Rodney Ivey.

"I get on and it says, 'For all my haters keep hating.' And there's a conversation between him and another girl that somebody else has seen where he was on Facebook talking to her and chatting it up" said McKnight.

She immediately contacted the Florence County Sheriff's Office. Newsom says state prison investigators plan to contact Florence County deputies to see if they have determined if someone outside the prison established a Facebook page for Ivey.

Last month, a new state law went into effect saying it's unlawful for an inmate to be a member of any internet-based social networking website such as Facebook. That same law makes it illegal for someone else to set up and account for or help an inmate be a member of a social networking site.

The crime is a misdemeanor that carries a fine of $500 and/or 30 days imprisonment.

McKnight says there is no new activity on the page. She thinks it's because Ivey's cell phone was confiscated by prison officials.

She says it angers her that he could have set up the page or someone on his behalf when he's in prison.

"Why should I have to log on to Facebook, I've done nothing wrong, and see him updating statuses and talking to people. Why should I have to look at that everyday? You're in prison. You're not at home. You shouldn't even have access to Facebook or any kind of social networking sites. It's like even after they go to jail, they can still have access to these sites. So they can still taunt their victims and the victims families and that's not right," she said.

Ivey is serving out his life sentence at McCormick Correctional Institution.

We will keep you posted on what happens with this investigation.