District officials say Delmae sewage problem set to be fixed

The sewage problem at Delmae Elementary School in Florence School District One that sparked a lawsuit is set to be fixed by next school term.

Back in December, a problem with the school's sewer system forced district officials to cancel recess and close two bathrooms.

Two parents sued the district saying the unsafe septic and water systems exposed their children to toxic agents.

District administrators say Delmae will be connected with the city sewage system's by next school term.

They plan to take bids for the job next week

The lawsuit was filed last December with the Court of Common Pleas at the Florence Clerk of Court Office.

The lawsuit says raw sewage was present in the soil for an extended period without intervention by the school district.

District officials say the school was built in 1957 and its septic tank system was intended to accommodate 400 students instead of the 800 plus students at the school now.