Dillon police car torched, eight others damaged

Dillon police say someone doused a patrol car with gasoline and set it on fire Tuesday night.

The person also poured fuel on eight other cars, but those didn't burn.

The patrol cars were parked behind the police department in a lot on West Hampton Street.

A Dillon city officer was patrolling through the area and saw the car on fire.

She immediately called 911 and dispatchers sent firefighters to the scene.

Investigators went door to door Wednesday asking residents if they saw anything unusual in the area Tuesday night.

Officers say they have no clue who burned the car and tried to torch the others.

They say it could be someone who has an ax to grind with the police department.

"We still trying to figure out what's going on. We just ask anybody that know anything or hear anything, just give us a call we can follow up on it, " said Investigator James Hayes.

Last April, vandals kicked in several doors on the police cars causing major dents and other damages.

Police aren't saying if the two crimes are related, but will say its affecting their ability to fight crime in the City of Dillon.

"It kind of affect us a lot. And it also affect the people in the community. Because it's tax payer monies on these vehicles and people damaging these cars and they have to pay for it. And it's no sense at all," Hayes explained.

Police say those arrested will be charged with Malicious Injury To Property.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Dillon Police Department at (843) 774-0051.

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