Dillon is working to revamp its image to attract industries

The Dillon County Economic Development Public Private Partnership Board unveiled the county's new logo, "Alive On I-95."

The Board felt it had to do something to attract more industries to the county.

"We knew we had to make a change. We knew we had to re-awaken the citizens," said Linda Hayes, Economic Development Public Private Partnership Board.

Some residents question if county leaders really think a logo will change the tide, in terms of economic development.

They don't think the logo campaign is the answers to the county's economic development problems.

Recent numbers show Dillon County has the seventh highest unemployment rate in the state with 10.4% of its workforce out of work.

Congressman Tom Rice represents

South Carolina's
District 7 which includes Dillon County.

He believes the logo campaign will have an impact on job growth in Dillon County.

"I think it's great. I think they decided they want to look at their strengths and weaknesses and figure out where their best suited in the market. They're working together and I think that's the first step toward a successful economic development program."

He says the county's location near I-95 is its key to job creation.

Rice explained, "Their location on the Eastern Seaboard halfway between New York and Miami is great. They got a lot going for them."

He adds it's going to take more investments in infrastr


ure for the county to see the full impact of its campaign.