Dillon High football player charged in beating after wreck; other driver charged with DUI

Shykeem Blue, photo courtesy of the Dillon County Sheriff's Office

Shykeem Blue is charged with Assault and Battery First Degree in the beating of a man Friday night, according to Dillon County Sheriff's Office Captain Cliff Arnette.

Blue is a defensive lineman for the Dillon High School football team, according to the team's 2013 roster.

Arnette says Blue assaulted a man whom he got into a fender bender with on Dargan Street in Dillon Friday night.

Marcus Williams says he didn't see Blue's car in the road, and when he hit it, four men got out of the car and beat him.

Williams says he was beaten into unconsciousness and doesn't understand why investigators haven't charged the others involved.

Investigators say at this point, their investigation shows only one person was involved in the beating, and Highway Patrol says Blue was the only person in the car.

According to the incident report, Blue told officers he beat the man in self defense. Blue said when he got out of the car to talk with Williams after the wreck, Williams swung at him, so it says Blue did what he had to do.

Williams was shown at fault in the wreck and charged with DUI, according to Sonny Collins with South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Dillon High School head football coach Jackie Hayes says that he has not had a chance to look at the police report.

When he's able to learn more about what happened, Hayes says he will make a decision about Blue's status with the team.